Jerris Wadsworth Wedding Barn - Rochester, NY - Andy & Sarah

A great measure of someone's character and temperament is to see how they respond when things don't go according to plan. Andy and Sarah had quite a test when major rainstorms barreled in on their wedding day!

Their reaction was calm flexibility: move back the ceremony start time, add a first look to make sure they had couples pictures together, and just keep enjoying the day. They were amazing through all the rain in the afternoon, and then things dried up and we carried on with the day - and even ended up back on schedule by the start of the reception!

The whole wedding day happened at the Jerris Wadsworth Wedding Barn south of Rochester. One of the big draws of Jerris Wadsworth is how pet-friendly they are - the couple brought their three dogs along and had them stand with the groomsmen!

Sarah's aunt works at the Your Perfect Day wedding dress shop, so there was a great personal connection with her dress and fittings. The family also came together to put a ton of work into all the little details at the ceremony and reception to make it uniquely theirs.

When I think about Andy and Sarah's day, I loved how calm and focused they were on what mattered most, and they let the little details work themselves out. The day ended perfectly, and I'm so honored I got to be part of it.

Andy and Sarah, enjoy your images!!