Hi! I'm Bob Kniley, the photographer behind Kniley Photography. I grew up in Pennsylvania, in a town known mostly for it's bologna (but not baloney!). I moved up to Rochester, NY in 2000 to go to RIT, lived in China for two years, and now I get to create beautiful wedding photography for couples.

My wife Joanna and I were married in July 2011, and we have a really adorable son named Daniel, who is the most wonderful toddler in the whole world. Seriously. He brings joy to our lives, and his infectious giggle and cute little wave make me smile every time I see him. We greeted our second child, Samuel, in January 2017. He had some major health challenges, and you can follow our journey with him on our personal blog.

I enjoy cooking, a little gardening, and learning about nearly anything - if there's a good podcast or article about a topic, I'm there. I like nerdy things like spreadsheets and understanding how things work. I'm a sucker for inspirational or heroic stories, and I love to hear about people who make a difference with their lives - and I hope I'm making a difference with mine.

Getting started

I took my first real pictures when I was 15, on a family vacation in Hawaii. My dad handed me his old-school, all-manual film camera, and told me, "turn the dial until the meter's in the middle, and shoot." That's all I knew!

When I look back on that trip, I feel two things: horror that he entrusted me with taking the family pictures without any previous experience, and relief that the pictures I took weren't completely terrible! From then on, I was hooked, and I've looked for opportunities to tell stories with pictures ever since.

Over the years I've gotten to work with some great photographers in the area, and as well as travel the world and capture my memories along the way.

For me, photography is a wonderful combination of art and science. It's an art in the beauty that comes together in color, composition, timing, and emotion. But it's a science as well. Photography rewards knowledge of a camera's mechanics, how different kinds of light sources mix and interact with lenses and camera bodies, how shadows fall in a room, and much more. I enjoy the challenge of both elements of photography: creating beautiful art, and learning more and more about the technical side of equipment and light. I'm most happy when I can combine art and technique in spectacular images for my wedding photography clients.

Now that you know something about me and my family, I'd love to get to know you, too! Head over to my contact page to get in touch with me - let's talk about your wedding plans soon!