Colgate Divinity School Wedding - Rochester, NY

When I first met Adrienne and Alex, I couldn't believe how much they liked each other. That might sound funny coming from a wedding photographer, but I'm serious! So many of us - myself included - can get comfortable in our relationships, but these two have just adored each other all through our journey working together. Their affection is contagious, and so many of us on their wedding day felt happier just being around them.

It would be enough if they just loved each other selflessly - and adorably, to quote their pastor. But their story is deeper than that.

You see, Alex is deaf, and Adrienne isn't. But Adrienne doesn't come from a background of signing to communicate. Instead, they met, realized their mutual interest, and Adrienne started teaching herself sign language so she could communicate with Alex. I mean, what a story, right!? Can someone please write a book about these two?

Their wedding day was a beautiful display of two families coming together - Adrienne's parents cheering her on, Alex's kids standing with him, and long-time friends rejoicing fondly for both of them.

Not to mention some last minute drama - the flight scheduled to start their honeymoon was canceled on the wedding day! Thankfully, Adrienne's friend and travel agent got to the wedding early, set up shop in the getting-ready room, and had them on completely different tickets before the reception started. Whew!

Adrienne and Alex, you're both sincere, loving, and steady people. I'm so honored to be part of your wedding story!