Canandaigua NY wedding - St Mary's Church and King's Catering - Ashley & Tim

Is it possible to have too much happiness in a wedding? I don’t think so! I loved the joy Ashley and Tim carried throughout their day. They were graceful all the time, and I felt like they were present from start to finish, which I think is one of the greatest gifts a couple can have on their wedding day.

All that grace and joy was especially impressive because they had a morning ceremony scheduled! If you haven’t been part of a morning ceremony, let me tell you - stress can definitely be high as everyone gets ready on a limited schedule. But they made it look easy! Hair and makeup for seven bridesmaids? No problem - they even had time to pop a bottle of champagne! Five minutes for a first look with dad? We did it without breaking a sweat, and it was such a meaningful moment for them together!

St Mary’s Church in Canandaigua, NY is such an impressively gorgeous building. It seats 800(!) people and is a majestic venue for a wedding ceremony. A number of the couple’s family were involved in readings and leading parts of the service, and I loved Ashley and Tim’s smiles as they started down the aisle - you have to see them below! :-)

Because of the early ceremony, we had a good amount of time scheduled for pictures before the reception started, and in a town like Canandaigua we had so many wonderful options for locations! We did some quick wedding party pictures outside Sonnenberg Gardens, and then headed to Kershaw Park on Canandaigua Lake.

It was a busy Saturday afternoon on the lake, and it was so fun to see everyone cheering for the obviously-just-married couple! The lake and sky were a fantastic backdrop for this beautiful couple, and I’m so glad they chose to do many of their wedding pictures by Canandaigua Lake.

The reception at King’s Catering was wonderful, and they had so many meaningful moments happen. Tim’s mom told him, “You better not pick me up while we’re dancing!,” which of course made him think, “Challenge accepted!” and a lot of laughter ensued. They had fun out there! Ashley’s father and twin brother sang a surprise duet together, and I appreciated hearing her twin’s thoughts on growing up with Ashley and how much he respects her.

And I haven’t even gotten to the most magical part - one of the most beautiful sunset portrait sessions I’ve gotten to do with a couple this season! I could go on and on, but I’ll let the pictures take over from here. Ashley and Tim, I loved being part of your wedding day, and I’m so happy for all the moments we got to share together. Congratulations, and I can’t wait to get you your artwork soon!!