Hotel Henry, Hoyt Lake, and Kloc's Grove Wedding - Buffalo, NY - Lauren & Mike

There’s so much to love about Lauren and Mike. I could write all day about how they’re fun, real, open, have amazing friends and family around them, and more. But one of the things I most enjoyed about them was seeing how free they are. Mike is solid, mature, thoughtful, and caring, and when Lauren is with him I see how safe she feels, and how free she is to express everything that's inside of her.

Lauren and Mike’s day was filled with laughter and smiles from the beginning. They got ready at the incredibly beautiful Hotel Henry in Buffalo, NY. It’s a building with a curious history - decades ago it was a psychiatric hospital! - but that history makes it so much more interesting than a traditional hotel. Its improbably wide hallways, tall windows, and uniquely-shaped guest rooms make it delicious to photograph in! (Seriously - if you’re getting married at Hotel Henry, I’d love to photograph there again!)

021 - Hotel Henry Buffalo NY Wedding Pictures -XT2B8122.jpg

Mike and Lauren were so sweet together as they saw each other at their first look at Hoyt Lake. I could tell they enjoyed having time together before the rest of the day took off, which is one of the reasons I love a first look - it’s so nice to have unhurried time together!

The ceremony and reception happened at Kloc’s Grove. Kloc's has the perk of having separate covered spaces for both the ceremony and reception, while still having a connection to the outside. It was a beautiful late spring day, and it was great to enjoy being outdoors while still being protected if it rained.

Some highlights of the day were:

Lauren and Mike washing each other’s feet during their ceremony. My wife and I also washed each other’s feet at our wedding, and I love the symbolism in it! It’s so powerful to say, “The first thing I’m going to do as your spouse is humble myself and serve you.” I love it!

I also have to give props to Lauren’s brother, Christian - mostly because he put up with me all day! See, Christian and Lauren are really close, and Lauren asked him to be her Man of Honor. That meant he accompanied Lauren and her bridesmaids all day for group pictures together and taking care of her. All the time I was saying, “Ok ladies, come over here for a picture,” and Christian played right along - because he was in those pictures, too! Christian, I’m sorry for calling you a girl all day!!

Christian totally stood out to me as he spoke about Lauren during his toast. He so plainly cared for and appreciated his sister, and it was moving to hear how deeply grateful he was for Lauren’s impact on his life. It was inspiring to see how honoring he was toward her and Mike, and I’m so glad I got to hear him share.

I could go on and on, but you’re here for some pictures, so here you go! Thank you so much Lauren and Mike! You day was magical, and I'm so honored I got to be part of it!