Genesee Valley Club Wedding - Rochester, NY - Caitlin & Greg

Caitlin and Greg have the amazing characteristics of being smart, thoughtful, and refined, as well as being fun and spontaneous - all at the same time! Their day embodied all these qualities, and it was an honor to be part of it.

Caitlin and her ladies got ready at the Salon at the Del Monte in Pittsford, NY. Everyone then moved to the Genesee Valley Club where Caitlin, Greg, and their families held a beautiful gathering. Caitlin’s family has a long history at GVC, and it was a beautiful setting for their wedding. In addition, Caitlin and Greg have a love for all things Disney, and they incorporated these elements throughout their day. You’ll see hidden Mickeys and nods to Beauty and the Beast in their details and decorations.

Before Caitlin got in her dress, she opened a gift from Greg. It was a SHMILY ring to wear on her right hand. SHMILY stands for See How Much I Love you, and Greg and Caitlin have a habit of leaving little gifts and notes for each other throughout their day to remind each other of their love. It was so neat to see them still being so thoughtful, even in the midst of a day that was already full of so many personal and meaningful moments.

During the toasts, I was impressed to hear the best man share about how significant Greg's friendship has been in his life. It was special to hear how committed Greg is to the people who matter most to him, and he has a history of traveling long distances and sparing no expense to bless and enjoy the presence of his friends.

The wedding day was fantastic, and the next morning Caitlin and Greg threw a brunch for many of their out-of-town friends and family. They invited me to capture memories there as well for them, and you can enjoy them at the end of this blog.

Caitlin and Greg, thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your wedding, and I’m so glad you’ll have these memories to enjoy for many years to come!