You have the perfect day planned. From small details to epic moments, you know your wedding will be one of the most important events of your life. I want to help you enjoy your memories for years to come. Learn more about why I love weddings, my style of photography, and how we can work together so you can celebrate your wedding day forever.

A wedding is more than just a day of events. It's special, full of meaning and people you love. It's significant, because lifetime promises don't come about easily. And it's fun, because, let's face it - when your best friends, a dance floor, and great music get together, how can it not turn into a party?

Because every part of your wedding day and reception is important, I work hard to tell the story of everything that happens. From getting ready with friends, moments with parents, quiet times together, partying into the night, and much more, I want to help you relive every meaningful experience of the day. Your wedding day will be uniquely yours - celebrate with images that will last a lifetime.

Wedding photos help you remember the tears, laughter, fun, and romance of the day. Through wall art, custom leather-bound albums, and digital files, you'll cherish your wedding memories for a lifetime.

As you enjoy your images in the years to come, you'll be transported back and relive all the special moments.

To give you the best service possible, I only take on a small number of clients a year. We'll meet together in person, when possible, before and after the contract is signed, and we'll be in touch throughout the planning process.

I have a background in project management, and I've been part of dozens of weddings, so I'm on your side when it comes to making a perfect wedding day schedule. Wonder how much time it takes for family pictures after the ceremony? * Want to build a stress-free schedule that leaves you relaxed through all the events of your day? I'll guide you through the planning process, and we'll create tons of beautiful images when your day comes.


* BTW, 2-3 minutes per group is about right for me - moving fast keeps everyone happy!

Thoughtful details delight your guests and add meaning to your day - make sure your photographs reflect that. All of my photography packages include a second photographer, which gives me time to shoot beautiful images of every type: from sweeping panoramas to intimate details.

Want to know more? There's a lot more to know about me and how we can work together, so please see the links below for more information. I'd love to talk with you in-person to answer any questions, so please drop me a line and I'll get right back to you!