How to enjoy your wedding gallery

Your images are readyyyy!!!!!

I highly recommend making an event of viewing these images for the first time! Connect your computer to your TV, dim the lights, grab a beverage, and snuggle with your spouse - this is your day!

Here’s a brief video for how to navigate your gallery:

Important points

Please, please, please: download your images to a cloud storage provider - Dropbox, Google Photos, iCloud, etc. Save them in the cloud, so if anything ever happens to your computer, you’ll still have your images!

This gallery will be active until your 1st anniversary - but I recommend downloading them tonight! Or at the latest this weekend! Enjoy your pictures!

Feel free to print from these files, and share online - email, social media, whatever. They’re licensed to you for personal use, and all I ask is that you tag me when you post on social media: Instagram (@knileyphoto) + Facebook (@knileyphotography).

You have a 30% off coupon for purchasing prints through your online gallery. Just click the Buy Photo button when you view any image, and when you check out enter the unique coupon code in your email. I’ll appreciate it so much if you share about me with your friends and family, and this is my thank you to you ahead of time for thinking of me. The coupon is good for one month after you receive it.

Enjoy your pictures - thank you so much!!!!