How to enjoy your engagement session gallery

Your engagement session images are ready!

I highly recommend making an event of viewing these images for the first time! Connect your computer to your TV, dim the lights, grab a beverage, and snuggle with your fiancé(e) - these pictures are fun!

Here’s a brief video for how to navigate your gallery:

Important points

Please, please, please: download your images to a cloud storage provider - Dropbox, Google Photos, iCloud, etc. Save them in the cloud, so if anything ever happens to your computer, you’ll still have your images!

This gallery will be active until 1 year after our session - but I recommend downloading them tonight! Or at the latest this weekend! Enjoy your pictures forever!

Feel free to print from these files, and share online - email, social media, whatever. They’re licensed to you for personal use, and all I ask is that you tag me when you post on social media: Instagram (@knileyphoto) + Facebook (@knileyphotography).

Enjoy your pictures - thank you so much!!!!