It's important for you to know how I approach the responsibility of photographing a wedding. These are my most important motivations when I create images for my clients.


Wedding photos aren't simply a static record of the events of your day; every image is connected with each other, and they work together to tell a story that's greater than the sum of their parts. Like a beautiful tapestry or stained glass window going together, each part is beautiful, but taken as a whole it's breathtaking - that's how I want to capture your story.

It all comes together in so many ways: friends and family traveling from far away, intimate moments shared by the loving couple, meaningful themes and designs, and so much more. My assistants and I shoot with an eye for every part of the story, so we can help you retell it for years to come.


Everyone loves to hear a great story, and it's even more special when they can see and experience it for themselves. That's why handmade, leather-bound albums and archival-quality wall art feature prominently in my packages - I want you to share your love story with everyone you can. As you share your memories you can celebrate all over again - not just about your wedding day, but what brought you together, and how you got where you are now.


This might sound crazy, but I actually hope your wedding day will be better because I was part of it. In the months leading up to the day, I'll be there for you with planning tips and helpful thoughts on everything from makeup and hair to schedule details. On the day of the wedding, we'll spend a lot of time together, and over the years I've been there for many couples with a reassuring word, an eye on the clock, and a knowing smile when things get a little crazy.

Time management is a surprisingly important part of a photographer's unofficial job. It's easy for the events of the day to take over, and I always do my best to wrap up pictures and get you to the next scheduled event with time to spare. Wedding days can be complicated, and I find it's nice to have someone with you who's been there before.



Oh, and one last value: when I attend a wedding as guest, I cringe when I see photographers get in the way of everything: blocking the view of the most important guests during the ceremony, standing when others are sitting, and generally being far too visible. It's almost like they forgot the most important rule: this day isn't about them!

I work hard to capture every important moment, but not at the expense of guests and family. When I talk with a guest after a wedding, one of the greatest compliments they can give me is: "Oh, you were there? I didn't even notice." This might just sound like a pet peeve of mine, but take note at the next wedding you attend: is the photographer inserting him or herself into every special moment and unaware of how they detract? Or are they graceful, confident, and unobtrusive as they capture images from the day?