I'm excited you're here, and I'd love to capture some special memories with you this summer! I'd like to expand my portfolio of family and couples portraits, and if you're willing to work with me as I grow and learn, I'd be honored to take pictures for you.

Your memories are timeless

I love photography because I get to help you celebrate and remember each unique season of your life. I believe every stage of our lives is significant, and it's worth taking a little time out to capture these memories so you can cherish them for years to come.

Working Together

If you'd like me to take pictures for you, I'll give you:

  • A free or significantly discounted on-location 50-minute portrait session*
  • Digital files of your 20 favorite images with a print release
  • The opportunity to purchase printed products at a 30% discount off my regular prices

There's no obligation to buy anything. I'm excited to give you digital images you'll love, along with an opportunity to enjoy some wall art or a custom photo album at a rate significantly below what most professional photographers would offer.

My availability for these sessions is somewhat limited this summer. I'm planning a series of portrait sessions in June and July, and each will have a certain theme: city, Finger Lakes, beach, and two local parks.

To help you get the best images possible, we'll meet three times:

  1. A pre-session meeting to make a plan for your photo session and discuss any printed artwork you might be interested in.
  2. A 50-minute photo session in the location of your choice.
  3. A special in-home image reveal and optional ordering session. You'll choose your favorite 20 pictures for your download, and select any artwork you'd like to enjoy in a tangible form.

* My goal is to do 30 portrait sessions this summer and fall. The first 15 sessions will be free, and the second 15 will be only $75 - a discount of 60% off my regular prices.

Next steps

Are you interested in a family or couples portrait session with me? Click this button to get more details and grab your spot!