Buffalo, NY wedding - St Mary’s Church & Sean Patrick’s - Heather & Jake

Heather and Jake are such a sweet couple! I loved seeing their tight-knit friends and family cheer them on during their wedding day, and I appreciated how much their day reflected who they are personally.

The ladies got ready at Heather and Jake’s beautiful home, which is surrounded by fields in the Buffalo, NY area. Everyone was busy getting ready, but Heather made sure she got a few pictures with their pup, who was remarkably chill considering all the activity happening around her! :-)

036 - Buffalo NY wedding - Preparation pictures - XT2A6796.jpg

Heather and Jake’s ceremony was held in the new sanctuary at St Mary’s Church in Amherst, NY. It was beautiful! The priest was personable and lighthearted, and I loved the look Heather gave to her maid of honor during the ceremony :-)

Between the ceremony and reception, we headed to Jake’s family property a few minutes away. I always enjoy taking pictures in a place that’s meaningful to the couple because, years from now, I hope they’ll feel just as connected to the moments we captured as they did on the day of their wedding. We found a great little opening in the trees where we could be protected from the sun - it was hot out! - and we got many beautiful images together.

The reception was held at Sean Patrick's outside of Buffalo. The team there did great taking care of us, and the room was perfect for the reception!

One of the most meaningful moments during the evening came during the special dances after dinner. Heather and Jake did the normal father/daughter and mother/son dances, and they also added a unique one for Heather: a dance with her grandpa. He has been significantly involved in Heather’s life all through her childhood, and she considers him like another parent. It was special to see her honor him with a dance and spend time together before the rest of the evening’s festivities.

Heather and Jake, thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your day and capturing these memories with you. Congratulations!!

Rochester, NY Wedding - Church of the Assumption and Strathallan Hotel - Adrianna & Mike

Adrianna and Mike are such a neat couple. They possess a great combination of caring about what’s important - their promises to each other, and the friends and family surrounding them - and a wonderfully relaxed attitude about everything else. They took changes to the schedule in stride, trusted me as I directed their portrait session, and didn’t seem stressed about anything throughout the day. They even put up with wildly hot and humid weather. They were so wonderful to work with!

Adrianna got ready - with her totally fun bridesmaids! - at the Strathallan Hotel. I loved to hear that Adrianna’s hair stylist was her aunt who had been doing her hair her whole life - she literally gave Adrianna her first haircut! And now she was doing Adrianna’s wedding hair on her wedding day! Imagine how amazing that must have been for them both!

Mike and his guys got ready at the couple’s place, and then we all headed to the Erie Canal in Fairport for their first look. They were SO SWEET seeing each other for the first time! We got some wedding party and couple’s pictures by the canal, and then we were on to the church.

Church of the Assumption in Fairport, NY is a beautiful location for a wedding because of its wonderful light and the lines of its high arching ceiling. After some pictures inside and out following the ceremony, Adrianna and Mike chose some fantastic locations for our pre-reception pictures.

The Century Club, owned by the Strathallan, is just lovely. The architectural styling, sliding doors, and grand staircase gave us wonderful moments together for pictures. And thankfully they have air conditioning, so we could escape the heat! :-)

We went to the Memorial Art Gallery for some quick pictures, and Adrianna, Mike, and their wedding party were total all-stars through the whole time. We decided to end a bit early to get back inside to cocktail hour at the Strathallan, and they hosted a wonderful party for the rest of the evening.

One neat moment came when Adrianna’s stepfather recognized Mike’s parents, who were celebrating their anniversary that weekend. It turns out that Adrianna’s stepfather was the wedding photographer at Mike’s parents’ wedding decades earlier, and now they were joining their families together in marriage. It was great moment

There’s a ton more I could write about - a cute first look with Adrianna’s dad, a super-cute Asian baby sister, sunset rooftop pictures at the Strathallan - but I’ll let the pictures tell the story from here. Adrianna and Mike, thank you for inviting me to be part of your day!

Canandaigua NY wedding - St Mary's Church and King's Catering - Ashley & Tim

Is it possible to have too much happiness in a wedding? I don’t think so! I loved the joy Ashley and Tim carried throughout their day. They were graceful all the time, and I felt like they were present from start to finish, which I think is one of the greatest gifts a couple can have on their wedding day.

All that grace and joy was especially impressive because they had a morning ceremony scheduled! If you haven’t been part of a morning ceremony, let me tell you - stress can definitely be high as everyone gets ready on a limited schedule. But they made it look easy! Hair and makeup for seven bridesmaids? No problem - they even had time to pop a bottle of champagne! Five minutes for a first look with dad? We did it without breaking a sweat, and it was such a meaningful moment for them together!

St Mary’s Church in Canandaigua, NY is such an impressively gorgeous building. It seats 800(!) people and is a majestic venue for a wedding ceremony. A number of the couple’s family were involved in readings and leading parts of the service, and I loved Ashley and Tim’s smiles as they started down the aisle - you have to see them below! :-)

Because of the early ceremony, we had a good amount of time scheduled for pictures before the reception started, and in a town like Canandaigua we had so many wonderful options for locations! We did some quick wedding party pictures outside Sonnenberg Gardens, and then headed to Kershaw Park on Canandaigua Lake.

It was a busy Saturday afternoon on the lake, and it was so fun to see everyone cheering for the obviously-just-married couple! The lake and sky were a fantastic backdrop for this beautiful couple, and I’m so glad they chose to do many of their wedding pictures by Canandaigua Lake.

The reception at King’s Catering was wonderful, and they had so many meaningful moments happen. Tim’s mom told him, “You better not pick me up while we’re dancing!,” which of course made him think, “Challenge accepted!” and a lot of laughter ensued. They had fun out there! Ashley’s father and twin brother sang a surprise duet together, and I appreciated hearing her twin’s thoughts on growing up with Ashley and how much he respects her.

And I haven’t even gotten to the most magical part - one of the most beautiful sunset portrait sessions I’ve gotten to do with a couple this season! I could go on and on, but I’ll let the pictures take over from here. Ashley and Tim, I loved being part of your wedding day, and I’m so happy for all the moments we got to share together. Congratulations, and I can’t wait to get you your artwork soon!!

Ontario Country Club Wedding - Alexandra & Tim

Can I just say how much I like Alexandra and Tim? From the first time I sat down with them, I loved their genuineness and sincere care for each other. I can feel that they have each other’s best in mind, and on top of that they’re just neat people - Alexandra has been a competitive bodybuilder! Not to mention that she’s actually related to a French President - how cool is that!? I was so happy they wanted me to be part of their wedding day!

Their wedding day threatened a little rain, but I’m so glad they stuck to their outdoor plans. They got ready at their family’s homes, and their ceremony and reception were at the Ontario Country Club.

There were so many meaningful moments during the day, especially involving their families. Alexandra’s first look with her dad was priceless and moving, as was her coming down the aisle and seeing Tim for the first time.

Ontario Golf Club wedding picture - First look with dad 2.jpg
Ontario Golf Club wedding picture - Bride walking down the aisle,jpg

At the reception, Alex’s father shared touching thoughts on what it’s like to be a dad and watch your little girl grow up and start making decisions for herself. I couldn’t help but think of my own son, and hope he will make similarly good decisions. It was awesome to hear the respect and admiration Alex’s father has for Tim, and how proud of both of them he is.

085 - Ontario Golf Club Wedding Pictures - XT2B8950.jpgOntario Golf Club wedding picture - Dad sharing about daughter.jpg

Alex and Tim, I’m so glad to got to capture these memories for you, and I thrilled you’ll get to enjoy these moments for the rest of your life together!