Webster, NY Summer Wedding - Christopher & Nena

Christopher and Nena's wedding is one that I'll never forget. There were some unique elements - it was on a Thursday, the ceremony was moved inside to avoid rain, and it was stinking hot out! - but the most significant part started before I even started taking pictures.

I got a call from Christopher that his grandmother was in the hospital. The news was cancer - she needed chemotherapy couldn't be released for the wedding. Christopher and Nena wanted to give up part of their first look and couple's portrait time to go to the hospital to visit his grandma before the ceremony.

Of course I wanted to be part of such a meaningful time, and I quickly saw the day was going to have extra significance because of her diagnosis. She was a steady anchor for the family, and I could tell many of their family would feel her absence.

Christopher and Nena had a special time with her at the hospital, and they made it to the ceremony with time to spare. Another personal touch was that the officiant was Nena's gradeschool teacher - they just happened to find her while searching for someone to marry them!

The last thing I'll note is how much the bond impressed me between Christopher, him mom, and Nena. Their journey together has faced some significant challenges over the years, and I could tell they were committed to each other more than anything else. I could feel that, no matter what happened, they'd do whatever it takes for each other, and that made it special to share their moments together.

Christopher and Nena, thank you so much for inviting me into your story with your family and friends, and enjoy your images!