Monroe County Office Building

St Joseph's Park and Rochester Convention Center Wedding - Michelle & Steve

People are fun! Some are loud and boisterous, others are bubbly and extroverted. But then others have a quiet and steady sincerity about them that makes me want to lean in when they talk. I want to make sure I don’t miss anything, because what they have in their relationship is special.

That’s Michelle and Steve. I laughed when I heard their story - they weren’t sure how each other felt after their first date because it was a little quiet! But they went on a second, and a third date, and they knew pretty quickly this was for real. It was so fun to see their affection for each other and the joy their family had on their wedding day as they cheered Michelle and Steve on.

Their wedding was remarkable in it’s elegance and beauty in every location they chose. The ceremony was at St Joseph’s Park in Rochester, NY. The park is in the stone remains of a massive old church that burned in the 70’s, and it has a whimsical appearance as beautiful thin trees grow up among the abandoned - and since restored - stone floor and walls. It’s breathtaking!

Steve and Michelle chose the dramatic architecture of the Monroe County Office Building for their wedding party and couple’s pictures. The building is known for it’s columns and arches, but I think the wrought iron railings and unique staircases were just as interesting, and it made for a dramatic and classic background for pictures.

The reception was held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center, and let me tell you, it blew me away how beautiful it was! I’m familiar with trade shows in the cavernous meeting hall, but the wedding ballroom was sophisticated and beautiful - perfect for their reception! Michelle and Steve had a number of special touches planned, including dancing flip flops for their guests - how thoughtful! - and the uncles and cousins kept the family tradition of dancing to the song Tequila going.

Michelle and Steve, I’m so glad you invited me to share in your wedding story, and I’m thrilled you’ll have images to celebrate your love for years to come! Thank you!