Letchworth State Park Engagement Session - Kendra & Zach

I love when a couple is game for pictures like Kendra and Zach are. They looked at my normal one hour engagement session and said, “let’s raise that to two hours!” They live just outside of Letchworth State Park and wanted to make the most of the natural beauty in their backyard, and I couldn’t wait to go there with them!

We started at the Stone Footbridge near the Lower Falls. I knew we had to do something epic with such a dramatic landscape, but communication was going to tough if I was far away and trying to give them direction. So, I did what any nerdy photographer would do and bought walkie-talkies! Because…walkie-talkies!! :-)

013 - Letchworth State Park Engagement Pictures -XT2A5742.jpg

Kendra and Zach are the kind of people I just want to be around. They have a sweetness in their relationship that’s infectious, and I love the care and affection they have for one another. I can tell they cherish each other, are thankful for the life they have together, and want to remember this special season of their lives. It’s just fun to be around them!

Kendra and Zach, I’m so glad you choose to involve me in your engagement pictures at Letchworth State Park, and I hope you enjoy these images for years and decades to come! I can’t wait for your wedding!!

Sodus Bay Heights Golf Club Wedding - Sodus Bay, NY - Becky & John

I have a problem when I try to write about Becky and John: there are too many nice words to describe them! It just sounds over-the-top after a while! :-) They're kind, thoughtful, generous, loving, sincere, faithful, steady - and I'm just getting started! They aren't weighed down by trivial things, they value their family, and cherish each other. They love God and care about their marriage being built on a solid foundation. I just really like these two! :-)

John and Becky both grew up on Sodus Bay in Wayne County, NY, so it was fitting that their wedding was at Sodus Bay Heights Golf Club, which has a commanding view of the bay. Being on the water is second nature to Becky and John, and it was perfect that John and his guys took a boat from their getting ready cabin to the golf course!

The whole wedding party was wonderful to work with, especially considering the weather - it was terribly hot that day! They actually decided to move their outdoor ceremony inside so their guests wouldn't swelter in the heat. I know this was a good decision to make, but it was tough to forgo that beautiful view over the bay.

Despite the heat, the whole day happened beautifully. There were personal touches sprinkled throughout: the "Skinner" anchor carried by a ringbearer, outdoor-inspired cake by Get Caked Bakery, and lots of time for pictures with family - John's grandpa is 100 years old!

Becky and John, thank you so much for including me in your wedding day. You're generous with your love for each other and those around you, and it was an honor to work with you!

Webster, NY Summer Wedding - Christopher & Nena

Christopher and Nena's wedding is one that I'll never forget. There were some unique elements - it was on a Thursday, the ceremony was moved inside to avoid rain, and it was stinking hot out! - but the most significant part started before I even started taking pictures.

I got a call from Christopher that his grandmother was in the hospital. The news was cancer - she needed chemotherapy couldn't be released for the wedding. Christopher and Nena wanted to give up part of their first look and couple's portrait time to go to the hospital to visit his grandma before the ceremony.

Of course I wanted to be part of such a meaningful time, and I quickly saw the day was going to have extra significance because of her diagnosis. She was a steady anchor for the family, and I could tell many of their family would feel her absence.

Christopher and Nena had a special time with her at the hospital, and they made it to the ceremony with time to spare. Another personal touch was that the officiant was Nena's gradeschool teacher - they just happened to find her while searching for someone to marry them!

The last thing I'll note is how much the bond impressed me between Christopher, him mom, and Nena. Their journey together has faced some significant challenges over the years, and I could tell they were committed to each other more than anything else. I could feel that, no matter what happened, they'd do whatever it takes for each other, and that made it special to share their moments together.

Christopher and Nena, thank you so much for inviting me into your story with your family and friends, and enjoy your images!

Sonnenberg Gardens Engagement Session - Canandaigua, NY - Christopher & Sherri

One of the things that struck me when I first talked with Sherri was how open and real she was. We weren't 10 minutes into our phone call and she was sharing repeatedly how perfect she and Christopher are for each other, and how their relationship was meant to be. They're so cute!

Christopher and Sherri chose the beautiful grounds of Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua, NY for their engagement session. It was hot out, but they were wonderful sports as we walked all around the site. Christopher and Sherri, I'm so glad I got to create these images for you, and I can't wait for your wedding day!

Ravenwood Golf Club Wedding - Rochester, NY - Laura and Anthony

When I first met Anthony and Laura, I couldn’t help but be impressed at their character, maturity, and kindness. They shared with me about significant personal challenges they’ve each overcome. Then, when things were looking up and they got together, Laura faced a major cancer diagnosis and surgery, and Anthony suffered a terrible fall at work days into Laura’s recovery.

They were both facing a new set of challenges, and situations like these can bring people together or pull them apart. It was so special to see them talk and interact with each other that day, because I could see the fruit of their decision to love and care for each other, even in the middle of difficult circumstances. After they both recovered, Anthony proposed and they started planning their wedding!

It was a beautiful summer day at Ravenwood Golf Course in Victor, NY. They wrote letters to each other to read before the ceremony, and the gifts they gave to their wedding party were a hit - it was so fun to see their friends’ and families’ expressions as they opened them!

Their ceremony was officiated by a close friend - it was her first wedding, and she did great! Their family was a ton of fun to be around all day long, and I’m so honored I got to be part of Anthony and Laura’s big day. Thank you, you two!


Wedding Day Vendors

Ceremony & Reception: Ravenwood Golf Club
DJ: Jeff from Whirling Disc
Hair & Makeup: Salon a Go Go
Florist: Hopper Hills 
Cake: Premier Pastry 
Dress: The Bridal Belle