Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum Wedding & Pearl Street Grill Reception - Buffalo, NY - Alex & Brynne

The best thing about my job is the people I get to work with. Wedding photography is an intimate art, and I love getting to see who people really are as they promise their love to each other.

In Alex and Brynne, I got to experience the most wonderful combination of complete fun, mixed with sincere love, admiration, and deep meaningfulness. They were completely present, aware of the significance of their day, and at the same time joyful and free, so happy in who they are together.

I. loved. every. minute. of. it!!

I think their expressiveness is what makes me enjoy their moments together so much - you’ll understand when you see the images below!

Alex and Brynne got ready with their wedding parties at the gorgeous Lofts on Pearl by Wyndham in downtown Buffalo. (Side note: the last wedding party I photographed in Buffalo got ready at the Hotel Henry - are all hotels in Buffalo this beautiful!?!?)

Their wedding ceremony was at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, which has architecture that completely amazed me - what a beautiful location for a wedding!


We did couples pictures at not one but two perfect locations: Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park, and the Erie Basin Marina, just around the corner from the reception.


And speaking of the reception, the party at the Pearl Street Grill and Brewery continued the fun and meaningfulness throughout the evening. It featured Brynne’s brother presenting a trophy from a Mario Cart game from their childhood, her father sharing how proud he was of his daughter, and Alex's brother giving a best man speech had guests - and Alex! - doubled over in laughter, and touched by his genuine care and love.

Oh, and Alex and Brynne intentionally chose May 4th because how can you pass up an opportunity to have Star Wars props on the dance floor!? They certainly would never want to! :-)

It all mixed together in a magical day that was genuinely a joy to be part of. The dance floor was so fun and full of energy that I literally lost track of time capturing everyone celebrating together, and I’m so thankful I got to be part of their day. Thank you Alex and Brynne - enjoy your images!!


Ceremony: The Karpeles Manuscript Library

Reception: Pearl Street Brewery

DJ: Chris Williams - Robo Roc

Florist: Maureen's Buffalo Wholesale Flower Market

Catering: Pearl Street Catering

Makeup: Liz DeMarco

Woodcliff Hotel & Westminster Chapel - Rochester, NY Wedding - Christopher & Sherri

One of the most remarkable things about Christopher and Sherri is the intensity of their love for each other. Now, I know everyone getting married loves each other - of course! But from my first phone call with Sherri, I could tell she was head-over-heels for Christopher. And then I met them together, and I could see that he feels the same way about her!

The high point of their wedding day at Westminster Chapel and Woodcliff Hotel, for me, was the personal vows they wrote for each other. They each laid their heart out fully as they expressed how completely their lives have been made better by each other, and how fully they'd love and serve each other for the rest of their days.

It was completely beautiful.

There were a ton of other great moments along the way:

Christopher's mom seeing the memorial table, which featured some family members she hadn't seen pictures of in years.

089 - Woodcliff Hotel - Rochester NY wedding photo - Kniley Photography.jpg

Sherri's dad giving a welcome toast, and seeing her looking back at him as he spoke.

081 - Woodcliff Hotel - Rochester NY wedding photo - Kniley Photography.jpg

Disney themed decorations at every turn.

069 - Woodcliff Hotel - Rochester NY wedding photo - Kniley Photography.jpg

There was much more, but I'll let the pictures tell their own story. Christopher and Sherri thank you for not just having me photograph your wedding, but inviting me into your journey together. Enjoy your images!!


Ceremony: Westminster Chapel

Reception: Woodcliff Hotel

DJ: Showcase Sound

Florist: Wegmans

Catering: Wegmans and Woodcliff Hotel

Dress: Bridal Belle and JJ’s House

Springtime Engagement Session at Letchworth State Park - Dawn & Eric

Let me start off by saying: I could watch these two smile at each other all day long. Seriously! They’re so cute together!

As soon as Dawn, Eric, and I started our engagement session at Letchworth State Park, I knew I was going to enjoy working with them. I mean, I already liked them personally, but I was blown away at how fun and free they are together! And those smiles!! :-)

Also, props to Dawn for braving our early spring weather - it was a cold, windy day for an engagement session at Letchworth, but she and Eric made it look easy.

Dawn and Eric, thank you so much for spending your afternoon with me in the park, and I am so excited for your wedding in October!!

Buffalo, NY wedding - St Mary’s Church & Sean Patrick’s - Heather & Jake

Heather and Jake are such a sweet couple! I loved seeing their tight-knit friends and family cheer them on during their wedding day, and I appreciated how much their day reflected who they are personally.

The ladies got ready at Heather and Jake’s beautiful home, which is surrounded by fields in the Buffalo, NY area. Everyone was busy getting ready, but Heather made sure she got a few pictures with their pup, who was remarkably chill considering all the activity happening around her! :-)

036 - Buffalo NY wedding - Preparation pictures - XT2A6796.jpg

Heather and Jake’s ceremony was held in the new sanctuary at St Mary’s Church in Amherst, NY. It was beautiful! The priest was personable and lighthearted, and I loved the look Heather gave to her maid of honor during the ceremony :-)

Between the ceremony and reception, we headed to Jake’s family property a few minutes away. I always enjoy taking pictures in a place that’s meaningful to the couple because, years from now, I hope they’ll feel just as connected to the moments we captured as they did on the day of their wedding. We found a great little opening in the trees where we could be protected from the sun - it was hot out! - and we got many beautiful images together.

The reception was held at Sean Patrick's outside of Buffalo. The team there did great taking care of us, and the room was perfect for the reception!

One of the most meaningful moments during the evening came during the special dances after dinner. Heather and Jake did the normal father/daughter and mother/son dances, and they also added a unique one for Heather: a dance with her grandpa. He has been significantly involved in Heather’s life all through her childhood, and she considers him like another parent. It was special to see her honor him with a dance and spend time together before the rest of the evening’s festivities.

Heather and Jake, thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your day and capturing these memories with you. Congratulations!!