Second Shooter Information

Thanks for being interested in second shooting with me! This is generally how I work with assistant photographers:

  • Contract: we'll sign an on-going contract that lays out these and other provisions. You won't need to sign a new contract each time; just one initially to get things moving, and we'll coordinate future wedding's details by email.
  • Independent contractor: you'll be an independent contractor for me on a case-by-case basis. You won't be an employee of Kniley Photography.
  • Equipment: you'll use your own camera equipment unless we setup a different arrangement. I might have you use some of my lighting equipment at times so our look can blend together.
  • RAW files: we will both shoot RAW to give the best image quality possible.
  • Memory card: plan to shoot on your own memory card(s) unless we discuss otherwise.
    • Important: make sure your card is big enough to hold all your RAW files from the day
    • Also important: you'll give me your memory card at the end of the day so I can download and backup your images immediately. I will leave your files on your card and return it to you within days. Please keep this in mind if you schedule other shoots around the same time.
  • Copyright: you will retain the copyright to your images, with the following agreements and limitations:
    • You give me a worldwide, perpetual license to use your images to deliver to the client, post online, use in sample materials, etc.
    • I will not pass your images off as my own in competition or similar situations where the work is expected to be my own.
    • You will be allowed to post your images online and on social media with the following restrictions:
      • Only post online after I have done so.
      • Do not represent yourself as the primary photographer for our event. Any pictures you post from our work together should link to my website or social media and be captioned with "Primary photographer: Kniley Photography" or something similar.
  • Quantity of images: for a normal all-day wedding, I'd like no more than 600-800 images from you. Please prioritize quality over quantity - I don't want to be buried in my post-production work by thousands of images between the two of us.
  • Education and orientation: we may do some limited training or getting on the same page before working together. This work is not paid. I may ask you to read some articles, watch videos, etc. to familiarize yourself with the normal duties of a Kniley Photographer second shooter.