Choosing a photographer can seem tricky. Everyone seems to have a nice camera and call themselves a "photographer" these days. And the pros offer so many options. How do you choose between all of them?

Thankfully, I think deciding about a wedding photographer can be easy - if you answer the right questions first. And surprisingly, the most important question has nothing to do with the person you hire - it has everything to do with you!


I've put together a short e-book on how to choose the best wedding photographer for you. You'll determine what you want, learn a few critical questions to ask any photographer you're meeting with, and much more.

As an added bonus, I've also created a free downloadable comparison sheet for evaluating your top choices for wedding photography. It can be challenging keeping all the options straight for hours of coverage, photographic style, type of album, and more - this free tool makes it easy to compare.

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